Monopoly: Fortnite Edition – Review

One of our Christmas purchases was Monopoly: Fortnite Edition. I love Monopoly and our kids love Fortnite and so it was a perfect match.

I must make clear that I have played Fortnite for a total of 20 minutes and so it is not a part of my interest. This also means that you don’t have to be a Fortnite fan to enjoy the game.

I expected it to be Monopoly with just Fortnite pieces to move and properties named from Fortnite. That is not the case. The rules are very much different from traditional Monopoly.

For example, you don’t pay for properties but get them free when you land on them. Also, you don’t collect rent but the people who land on it have to pay the bank.

The currency is not money by is hp (health points). You start with 15 hp and try to gain more and lose less. Once you lose all your hp, you are eliminated from the game.

The rules are somewhat complex, hence the 13+ age suggestion. However, we played with our ten and twelve year olds and they did fine. It helped that they are big into Fortnite.

The best thing about the game is that it does not take near as long to play as traditional Monopoly. With four players, we played two games in an hour and a half. It moves quick, likely targeted to the video game generation.

Our family loved Monopoly: Fortnite Edition and look forward to playing it more.

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