Good News: Thankful For Extended Family

My Good New shouldn’t be inspired by a funeral but it is. Yesterday was my Uncle Fred’s funeral. That is not Good News as he was one of my favourite uncles. My dad was 18 years older than him and basically raised him. He was too young to leave this world and he will be missed by many people.

The only Good News out of that is that I had an opportunity to see some of my extended family, such as my aunts and cousins. I grew up fairly close to the LaMothe side of my family but not the Bedards.

There are Bedard aunts and cousins that I have never met and never will. But there are a few I know and I was able to see them at the funeral. Many of them I haven’t seen for about 15 years. It was good to see them again and to be able to catch up.

Seeing my family again made me feel thankful for my extended family. On both sides. I may be an only child and both my parents may be dead but I am part of something larger. This is my Good News.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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