The REACTION Dashboard – Review

When I was sent the REACTION Dashboard, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought it might be a guide to help leaders react properly to difficult situations. That is not it at all.

Rather REACTION is an acronym used in a template to help develop healthy leadership cultures in organizations. It is actually two things. The first is


All of these are graded according to:


What I liked about this book is Chris Wignall presents this concept in two ways. The first part of the book is a narrative of a fictional group of leaders going through this process. It feels a lot like Patrick Lencioni.

Chris then takes readers through more of a teaching style description of what this looks like for organizations. He anticipates the questions and potential confusions about the REACTION dashboard and brings clarity.

The REACTION Dashboard is a short but extremely helpful resource for leaders. Chris is a Christian leader but these concepts could work in any context. Definitely worth taking your team through.

REACTION Dashboard

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