The Peacemaking Church – Review

Peacemaking ChurchUnfortunately, one of the realities of church ministry is interpersonal conflict. As long as we allow people in churches, we will have conflict. That is why I was happy to read Curtis Heffelfinger’s The Peacemaking Church.

What I loved about this church was that it is so solidly biblical. It is based on eight principles dived into three sections: Embracing the Priorities That Preserve Unity in Jesus’s Church, Avoiding the Principles That Threaten Unity in Jesus’s Church and Mastering the Practices That Foster Unity in Jesus’s Church.

As someone whose background is in biblical studies, I loved the reliance on the Bible. I’m not against psychological practices but the Bible addresses all of the conflicts that a church will face.

As a pastor, I appreciated how relevant and practical the book was. There are principles that can be implemented in any church.

I also appreciated the tone of the author. He does not come to the topic as the expert who has mastered all the practices but as the fellow traveller. He is very transparent with his own struggles and this only adds to the value of the book.

I came to the book assuming that it was only for churches that are wracked with conflict. I was wrong. This book is filled with wisdom for all churches in any stage of peace or conflict.

I was really impressed with the Peacemaking Church and I look forward to returning to it again and again.

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