Everyone is an Apologist

I chuckle when I hear Christians criticize apologetics because everyone is an apologist. I don’t mean everyone should be an apologist but everyone is an apologist.

This is not limited to Christians. Apologetics was around long before Christianity. Apologetics simply means giving a reason for something that you value. Many atheists are very good at being apologists for their particular belief system.

For example, Rush is my favourite rock band and I can give reasons for it. I enjoy putting together WWII model airplanes and I can give a reason for it. I am a Christian I can give a reason for it. I don’t mean that Christianity is on the same level as those other examples but the principles are the same.

You can talk to the most progressive Christian and they will be able to give a reason for their faith. It may not include natural theology or traditional arguments for the existence of God, but they can give a reason.

A Christian with no formal theological education and no knowledge of the discipline of Christian apologetics can still share the reason why they believe.

So lets stop discussing whether apologetics has any value. We are all already apologists. Rather, let us listen to each other’s reasons and learn to articulate our own reasons in a better way.

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