Split – Review

Until the recent release of Glass, I didn’t even know Split was the sequel to Unbreakable. Otherwise, I would have seen it when it came out.

I loved Unbreakable. It was such a fresh take on the superhero them. It was so good. But I never say Split. Until last night.

The connection between Unbreakable and Split is not clear until the very end. But Split is an incredible movie on its own, apart from Unbreakable or Glass.

Split is the story of a young man with twenty-three personalities. His psychiatrist believes that it is possible for each personality to have different physical characteristics. For example, one of the personalities has diabetes but the other don’t.

Unfortunately this man has issues beyond multiple personalities. He kidnaps three young girls and imprisons them in an underground prison. They rightfully fear for their lives.

The reason for their kidnapping is not clear at first. It doesn’t seem to be for sexual assault or for simple murder. Over time, it seems to revolve around a twenty-fourth personality that is emerging.

I must say that James McAvoy does an amazing job as Kevin. It is difficult enough to play one role, but he portrays many different personalities for this one character and does it so well.

One of the things I thought was interesting was the idea of those with an easy life as being the “impure” and those who have struggled or been abused as the “pure.” It left much to think about.

There was some controversy about this movie in the presenting of a mentally ill man as a deranged and violent criminal. It promotes stereotypes. While I am normally sensitive to that, in this case it didn’t bother me. The character is so over the top that it doesn’t even come close to resembling those with multiple personalities.

Split was a movie that I really enjoyed and I look forward to seeing Glass.

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