Krypton: Season One – Review

One of my favourite parts of the Man of Steel movie were the early scenes on Krypton. I wanted more. At the same time, one of my favourite Superman villains, and one that I kept wishing they would use in a movie, is Brainiac. I got both my wishes in the Krypton TV series.

I loved Krypton. I would classify it as one of the best DC-based TV series ever made. It was so good and kept my attention.

The series revolves around Seg-El, grandfather of Kal-El (Superman) while he was still a young man. By the way, Seg-El comes from Siegel, as in Jerry Siegel, the co-creator of Superman.

Adam Strange, a superhero from Earth, has come back in time to Krypton to warn Seg-El of a coming threat: Brainiac, the Collector of Worlds. Brainiac is coming to get the city of Kandor.

There is plenty going on in the background as Seg-El is in love with Lyta-Zod, mother of the General Zod, who will become one of Superman’s most powerful enemies. In addition is a complex world of politics and religion, with the Voice of Rao at its head.

I am a comic book and superhero fan but Krypton works just as plain science fiction. An amazing world is created that looks and feels real. There is conflict between those in guilds and the rankless below. There is Black Zero, terrorists that are attempting to overthrow the unjust society. Even if every reference to Superman was left out, it still would have been a great series.

But the Superman mythology is included and it only enhances it. There are plenty of links, including the Phantom Zone and many others. There were also plenty of twists and turns in the season, leaving the audience wanting more.

Although characters like Brainiac and Adam Strange are familiar to me, the fresh take on them was well done. They were faithful to the comics but brought a new depth.

I am very much looking forward to the second season of Krypton.

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