The Punisher: Season Two – Review

I really liked the episodes of Daredevil with the new Punisher. I even liked the first season of the Punisher. But I was disappointed with the second season.

I do like Jon Bernthal as the Punisher. He is the best actor yet to play the character. But the rest of the season seemed to fall apart for me.

Much of it was because of the two unconnected plots. At the same time, we had the plot of Billy Russo (the bad guy from the first season) and the conflict with John Pilgrim and those he was working for.

Superhero shows are only as good as their bad guys. I thought Russo was interesting last season, but this season, as he took on the role of Jigsaw, I lost interest. I actually liked John Pilgrim but the motivation of his employers was just not believable.

One of the things I liked in the first season was Frank’s partnership with Microchip. He kept things interesting. This season, Amy was the sidekick. She had her moments, but because she was not connected with the Russo plot, she was in and out.

Every TV series uses stereotypes, often harmful ones. This one had unfortunate portrayals of the mentally ill, religious people and military veterans. While all three portrayals could be criticized, I found the veterans to be the worst. From this show, you would think that the majority of people released from the military and who have seen combat are dangerous and psychotic. That simply is not true.

Since most of the other Marvel Netflix shoes have now been cancelled, I assume this is the final season of the Punisher, at least on Netflix. However, I hope Bernthal’s Punisher shows up again eventually in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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