Why As a Pastor I Read Military History

Many pastors read books on leadership, theology and other related subjects. But what about military history? This is an area that I read a lot about, both out of personal interest and professional development.

I find that military history is applicable to church ministry and not in a bad way. Hopefully you are not experiencing actual battles in your church.

One of the things that is helpful is looking at the different leadership styles. For example Winston Churchill was gifted at communicating a clear vision and rallying the masses. Dwight Eisenhower was able to coordinate the other leaders he worked with and sorting through their conflicts.

What about if you are a Christian pacifist? It is not about attitudes toward violence, it is about seeing the relevant principles and applying them.

Every military leader has had the same experience. With limited resources they must achieve a specific goal while facing obstacles and reacting to unexpected circumstances.

Is that not the same experience as every pastor?

If you are interested in military history in the context of WWII, check out my Second World War Blog and Podcast.

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