Aquaman – Review

I finally had the opportunity to see the Aquaman movie. I wanted to see it earlier but circumstances didn’t allow it.

I was able to see it with the hindsight of knowing that it is now the largest grossing DC movie. That is good news after a number of disappointing performances of other DC movies. Aquaman and Wonder Woman give the DCEU hope.

My short review is that it was a very fun movie. It wasn’t deep and it wasn’t as thought provoking as Wonder Woman but it was very good. It was a solid superhero/fantasy flick. Aquaman was a sign of good things to come for DC.

I did find the Black Manta character not that interesting. But the Ocean Master villain made up for him. I found Arthur’s half-brother’s motivations believable.

I enjoyed the development of the Atlantean mythology, including the various races. Atlantis is much more than just an ancient civilization that learned to breather underwater after their city sank. I look forward to how future movies explore this world.

What was best about this movie is that it didn’t take itself too seriously. It wasn’t a comedy but it was loads of fun and felt more like a comic book.

However, what I want to make clear is that we shouldn’t underemphasize what was accomplished in this movie. They were able to make a successful movie about Aquaman! No one would have anticipated that twenty years ago.

Not only did they make a good movie, they made Aquaman cool. That is a minor miracle. He has often been a bit of a joke in the comics. Aquaman was presented as a hero that was tough and likeable and was worth cheering for.

I can only hope that future DC movies will be as successful and enjoyable to watch.

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