Going Beyond Personal Convictions

It is good to have personal convictions. Whether religious or not, we all have certain beliefs or values that we hold tightly to. But what happens when they go beyond personal convictions?

I’m speaking from a Christian perspective. I believe that there are certain core beliefs, such as the Trinity, death and resurrection of Jesus, salvation by faith and few others.

Beyond that there is quite a bit of disagreement, especially on subjects not explicitly taught on by Scripture. For example, there are some people who believe Christians should only listen to Christian music, a subject the Bible is silent on. It is fine to have that conviction. But what if you take it to the next step?

Take that person who doesn’t listen to secular music. That is a good personal conviction. But sometimes they try to impose that conviction on others. It is not enough to feel it is right for themselves.

I recently saw a post by someone on social media complaining that some Christians continue to think drinking alcohol, even in moderation, is wrong. Again, there is nothing wrong with having the conviction that they shouldn’t drink. But to say that drinking is always wrong for everyone would also condemn Jesus, who definitely drank alcohol.

Before anyone accuses me of teaching subjective truth, let me respond. I am not saying “truth is what you make it.” There is objective truth. Killing is wrong. Lying is wrong. Adultery is wrong.

What I am saying that there are personal convictions that shouldn’t be imposed on others. This is especially true on issues the Bible is silent on. If you believe it is wrong for you to see movies, it doesn’t make it wrong for your friend to.

Imposing personal convictions can lead to legalism. I understand that you feel very strongly about the step you have taken to get closer to God but that may be just for you.

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