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PodcastI have a number of podcasts and have hosted them in a variety of ways. This has included paid hosting sites. However, I don’t make (much) money from them so it costs me to go in that direction.

I have tried a few “free” sites but usually they limited the number of episodes you could have on the free plan that it was hardly worth using. It was a bait and switch to get you to purchase a plan.

Then I discovered Anchor. It promised to be everything I was looking for but at the same time seemed too good to be true. I decided to experiment with it by migrating one of my podcasts there.

You can find my Second World War podcast here. I have been very pleased with it and it has been easier to use than some of the paid sites I have used.

If you are looking to start a podcast and would rather spend money on equipment than hosting, then I recommend Anchor.

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