Preaching to a Diverse Audience

I love my church, especially in its diversity. We are have a variety of ethnic groups, ages and people with disabilities. It is something to celebrate but it is also a challenge, especially for preaching.

What segment do you aim for? Do you preach toward one group or another. I attempt to cast a wide net, which is either a good or bad idea.

My goal is to preach a simple but not simplistic message. What I mean is I try to get across one clear message, while still offering something for those who want more. This is fine line to walk.

Some of the most encouraging words have been from people with developmental disabilities who have told me they both understand and enjoy my preaching. At the same time, I have been told by others that I have given them lots to think about.

I don’t aim to provide just milk, it is important that there is some meat for people to chew on. Ultimately I want there to be something for everyone, but for there to be more for people depending on where they are spiritually.

Do I always hit that mark? Definitely not. But I will continue to preach the Bible faithfully to the people God has brought to my church.

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