Seven Deadly Sins of Apologetics

Part of being good at Christian apologetics simply avoiding some unhealthy practices. Even if you don’t know the answer to every question, you can still be effective by avoiding these seven deadly sins.

  1. Seven Deadly SinsBeing nasty in tone. Even if your content is accurate, being disrespectful can derail your apologetic.
  2. Attacking other Christians. I’m not talking about responding to heretical movements. Going after other orthodox Christians makes us all look bad.
  3. Not doing your homework. There is a great temptation to share stories, assertions and evidence that may not be based in fact. It is not enough that it supports your argument, it also needs to be true.
  4. Not understanding your conversation partner. Don’t assume you know what your Mormon or Muslim or atheist friend believes. Give them a chance to explain their own beliefs.
  5. Letting your relationship with God suffer. We can be so busy defending the faith that we neglect our own faith.
  6. Living for the argument. There is something enjoyable about arguing something we are passionate for. But apologetics is not about winning the argument, it is about giving a reason for the hope we have.
  7. Majoring on the minors. The Bible touches on many different subjects. Some of them are essential to the faith, while others there is plenty of room for debate. It is not wrong to have opinions on secondary issues but we should focus our apologetics on the major topics.

Christian Apologetics

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