5 Personal Goals

I have been thinking a lot about what I would like to see happen in my life in the near future. These are not just wishes but things I really want to happen.

Here are the five things that I would like to see happen in the next five years. They are not ranked by importance but by timeline of longer to shorter goals.

  1. Buy a House. We actually just bought a place a year ago. I’m thankful that we moved from renting to owning. However, we were not able to get the house we wanted. We would like to have a place big enough to host church gatherings and have more space for the kids to play. We are hoping for this within five years.
  2. Have Our Children Closer. Our two children with autism live in a group home 1.5 hours away. That puts a strain on our visits. We really hope they both are down in this area soon. It is likely that it will be Logan first, since he is turning 18 next month and will need to move soon.
  3. Finish My DMin. I have been in the Doctor of Ministry program at Acadia Divinity College for far too long. I have hit a number of hiccups but I am determined to finish. I want to graduate within two years.
  4. Get Fully Back into the Army. The only thing left for me to complete the process of getting back into the army reserves as a chaplain is to pass my medical test. That will be in less than two months. As long as I pass that, I am back in uniform.
  5. Mystery Goal. The final goal I won’t reveal here. I will say that it has something to do with my family (not my wife or kids). I’m looking for some answers and I hope to find those answers soon.
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