Good News: Town Hall Meeting at Church

Queen Street Baptist ChurchMost people don’t get excited about meetings but we had an amazing meeting at church. It was not a business meeting but a town hall meeting.

This was Amanda’s idea and she did most of the work for it. Not only did she make two delicious pots of homemade soup, she also facilitated the meeting.

She took the church through our core values of welcoming, growing, worshiping and sharing. She had people go over our past, the things that we have done and the things that have worked. She then had us do the same thing, looking at the future and what we could be doing in these four areas.

It was an exciting of remembering together and dreaming together. There were lots of good ideas and lots of celebrating about the things we do that are working. It was a time for us to buy into the direction we are going.

We are in a time of transition, as some ministries are coming to an end of a chapter and some are being reborn with new excitement. I was reminded of how much I love being part of Queen Street Baptist Church.

During the meeting, I asked people who were born outside of Canada to raise their hands. About half the people there raised their hands. I love the diversity of this church.

I’m so thankful for Amanda and the leadership she have to this meeting. And I’m excited about the future of Queen Street Baptist Church.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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