Fear the Walking Dead: Season Four – Review

I have been enjoying Fear the Walking Dead since the beginning. While I think the original series is great, Fear has had a fresher feel. A smaller cast has allowed us to invest more in the characters.

Season four of Fear the Walking Dead was a real rollercoaster ride. In some ways, it was a soft reboot of the series with a major shift in cast and storyline. Not to spoil too much, but only two of the original cast are left with us by the end. The second half of this season almost felt like a different series than the first few seasons.

Fear the Walking Dead

One of the highlights was the appearance of Morgan Jones, a fan favourite from the Walking Dead. This was a bit of a surprise as the two series were on two different timeline but Fear was fast forwarded to catch up with the original series, allowing this crossover.

I liked what they did with Morgan, but it felt like he took over as the main character. This is one of the reasons that it didn’t feel like a season of Fear the Walking Dead.

Some new characters were introduced to the cast. One of my favourites was an awkward cowboy named John Dorie. He has some of the charm of Eugene but with much more depth of character. I was cheering for him the whole way.

I also likes Althea, a reporter who happens to drive a SWAT armoured car armed with machine guns. She collects stories because the truth matters, no matter how much the world is falling apart. I enjoyed the discussion they had about the nature and importance of truth. I don’t think they said it, but her name is Greek for truth.

The main theme of the season is about whether people should help or not. Is helping others weak or strong? Should you look after only yourself or those closest to you or total strangers? This is what I like about the Walking Dead series, is that they are able to use this post-apocalyptic world to investigate real ethical problems that we face everyday.

I will say that I probably enjoyed this season more than any other season of either Walking Dead series. It was the closest I came to binge watching. I am eagerly anticipating the next season.

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