Good News: The Last Step

A number of years ago, I released from the Canadian Armed Forces reserves in which I had served as a chaplain. I released not because I didn’t like it but because of my health. I was looking at a non-voluntary medical release before I made my decision.

The problem was the effects of my sarcoidosis. If I had any doubts, I also had developed a bad case of diabetes from the medication I was on for sarcoidosis.

My brigade chaplain gave me wise advice as I was making this decision. He suggested that I release to the supplemental reserves. This would mean that I could leave my unit and be off work, but that I wouldn’t lose any of my qualifications if I decided to come back. I never thought my health would improve enough for that to be a possibility.

Last year I made the decision to try and return to military chaplaincy. There were a number of steps but the final (and most stressful) was passing my medical. They had serious concerns about my health before and even if I felt good, that didn’t mean the CAF would be okay with it.

I had my medical this morning and it went great. The doctor was very pleased with my recovery. The truth is that I feel better now than I have in years.

This is good news for my desire to return to chaplaincy. But it is also good news just about my health. Things looked pretty grim a few years ago. I would never have imagined things could turn out like they have.

I literally thank God for this.

Why do I blog about Good News?

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