What Kind of Blog Post Titles Get Read Most?

I have been blogging a long time. I have noticed that some of my most popular blog posts have something in common. And this is their titles are in the form of a question. As I write this post, these are my top four posts:

I don’t think they are necessarily the most profound posts I have written. But they regularly get clicked one, even though some of them were written years ago.

The reason is that many Google searches are done in the form of a question. People search because they have a question and they are looking for an answer. Many people actually formulate their search with the question that is in your mind.

There is a danger with this. When I post these on social media and people think I am asking the question. Some people try to answer my question without reading how I have already answered the question.

Still, the traffic I get from Google more than makes up for the frustration of people misunderstanding what I am posting. I encourage you to consider the titles you give to your blog posts. Write a blog post answering a question and include that question in the title.

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