Conversations With Jehovah’s Witnesses – Why Bother?

BibleI have been doing a series on Conversations With Jehovah’s Witnesses. But it is a fair question to ask why I would bother. Growing up, my dad would make us pretend that we weren’t home when we saw Jehovah’s Witnesses on our street. Why would I voluntarily let them in my house to talk?

I will say that it is not to shove my religion down their throat. Nor am I offended by their interpretations. I have strong beliefs about God and Jesus, but I don’t force them on people.

Frankly, they have come to me. They knocked on my door and asked to talk to me about the Bible. The Bible is the book that I follow and so it is natural for me to talk about it.

I go into my conversations with two goals in mind. One is to simply learn. I let them share what they believe and explain the interpretations they hold. It has been a very educational experience.

But I am not going into these conversations as a neutral party. They know that I am a pastor and that I have theological opinions. I’m not expecting to convert them to my views. I try to, what Greg Koukl calls, put a stone in their shoe. They ask me my opinion of a passage and I answer honestly. I hope that they will open their minds to new interpretations.

I don’t intend to keep these conversations going permanently. These Jehovah’s Witnesses are not seekers, sincerely looking for answers. They have their minds made up and they have the goal of converting me.

I put limitations on our conversations because there are other uses for my time. But I still hope that there will be some benefit from our conversation.

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