U-Boats Against Canada – Review

U-Boats Against CanadaAs a Canadian and someone interested in the Second World War, I was naturally drawn to U-Boats Against Canada by Michael L. Hadley. I am somewhat familiar with the Battle of the Atlantic and the U-Boat war against Allied shipping. But what does this have to do with Canada?

When we think of the areas where battles took place during the Second World War, we think of Europe, North Africa and East Asia. But Canada?

The German navy was quite active in targeting Allied shipping on the east coast of Canada. Halifax, Nova Scotia was a major hub for sending supplies across the Atlantic. It would make sense to target those ships as they were leaving rather than trying to find them in the middle of the Atlantic.

I was vaguely aware that U-Boats had been active around the Gulf of the St Lawrence but I didn’t know the extent. Nor did I know that there had been a couple of attempts by Germans to free POWs from camps on Canadian soil or that they had dropped off spies on Canadian shores.

This book highlights how unready Canada was to face such a threat. Both in terms of preparedness and technology, the U-Boats got away with much more than they should have.

If you are interested in navel warfare or recent Canadian history, you might enjoy U-Boats Against Canada.

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