Disabilities and Healing

One of my favourite podcasts is Unbelievable? hosted by Justin Brierley. Usually they scratch my apologetics itch, but recently they touched on another special interest of mine: Disabilities.

One of the questions dealt with was the role of healing prayer. Many people with disabilities have been the victims of unwanted healing prayer. I used to attend a Pentecostal church (this is not a condemnation of all Pentecostals), where disabilities were seen as an embarrassment to the belief that God always heals. It sometimes resulted in putting people with disabilities in uncomfortable positions, often leaving them feeling like they didn’t have enough faith.

In my current church, we have a lady who is blind and has CP. She has remarked more than once that she has felt welcome at our church because we have never insisted on praying for her healing. We do pray for her regularly, as she has other challenges, but she has never asked for healing.

I am not saying that God never heals people with disabilities. But we shouldn’t assume that is what people with disabilities are looking for.

I encourage you to watch the episode of Unbelievable? “Should Christians Rethink Disabilities and Healing.”

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