Flash: Season 5 – Review

The fifth season of the Flash had more of a theme than the previous seasons. They all have a main bad guy that they are fighting for the whole season, but there was more to this one.

This season was primarily about the relationship between parents and children.


At the end of the fourth season, we were introduced to Nora, the future daughter of Barry and Iris, who had travelled from the future. She joins Team Flash as XS, with varying levels of success.

The bad guy is Cicada, a man who was give guardianship of his niece after her parents had been killed by a metahuman. While at first not interested in being a parent, there eventually develops a close bond.

And there is Caitlin (Killer Frost) of Team Flash. She has had a strained relationship with her mother. She also discovers that her father, who she had been told was dead, was alive. However, he had an alter ego himself called Icicle.

We are even given the return of the Reverse Flash in the future, who has a semi-parent relationship with Nora.

The annual crossover with Arrow and Supergirl was fun. It was called Elseworlds and in many ways it was a lead-in to next year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. I enjoyed the greater role of Superman.

In general, I liked this season of the Flash. I didn’t find Cicada near as interesting as previous villains. Really, the purpose of Cicada was to create a conflict in which the relationship of Nora to Barry and Iris could develop.

The most interesting part was the relationship between the Reverse Flash and Nora. We are kept guessing right to the end as to his real motives.

Over all, it was a pretty good season.

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