Good News: Praise in the Park

My Good News for this week is about the outdoor service Queen Street Baptist Church had yesterday. We do this Praise in the Park every year at Montebello Park.

While we have a beautiful church building, it is nice to get out of the building once in a while. Montebello Park is only a couple of minutes away and it has a nice pavilion to have events.

I will admit I was nervous. The day before, my weather app was saying that it was going to be thunderstorms all day. But it ended up that we had a beautiful day for our service.

The original plan for Praise in the Park was to just have an enjoyable outdoor service. But Montebello Park has evolved over the years. Now it is a place for many of the homeless of St Catharines to stay.

As good Baptists, we have a potluck lunch after the service. This lunch is not just for people in our congregation. We make sure there is lots for everyone, including those who sleep at or stay at the park. It is a great way for us to bless our community.

If you are interested, you can watch my message below.

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