Becoming Friends of Time – Review

Becoming Friends of TimeAdvocating for people with disabilities is very important to me. However, I have caught myself getting impatient with people with disabilities, whether physical or developmental.

While I am aware things can take longer, I have an attitude toward time in which I expect things to move at a quick pace. The problem is with me.

This is why I appreciated John Swinton’s Becoming Friends of Time. I enjoyed this book on a number of levels.

Even those not interested in disability theology will get something our of Swinton’s theological reflections on time. Our fast paced society is obsessed with time, expecting everything to get faster and faster. Swinton helps us to see time with fresh eyes.

Swinton is one of the most respected theologians in the area of disabilities. This book is a reminder of why this reputation is deserved.

Swinton calls us to become friends of time, adjusting our attitudes for the sake not just of those with disabilities but for all of us.

This is a book well worth reading.

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