Stranger Things: Season Three – Review

I love the Stranger Things series. This is for two reasons. One is that it takes place in the era I was growing up. I was the same age as the older teens in the series. The second is that it is an interesting story with interesting characters.

In this third season, the kids are getting older and that doesn’t come without growing pains. Some of the boys have found love and there are struggles with the journey from childhood.

That is the least of their worries. There are two parallel stories that are influencing each other. One is that a leftover of the monster defeated last season has taken over Billy. The other is that there is a secret Russian installation under the new mall.

The group is split up in each adventure but come together as the Russian plan is allowing the monster to thrive. Stopping the Russians is needed to stop the monster.

There are new characters and some minor characters who are given more prominent role. I like how they didn’t overly rely on Eleven’s powers, even though they were important.

It was a fun season. Some of the Netflix series have two many episodes in a season but I could have watched more for this season.

Still, they probably paced it just right. We never get a chance to get bored.

They definitely set things up for a new season. Make sure to keep watching after the credits of the last episode.

Stranger Things

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