Disability in the Hebrew Bible – Review

Disability in the Hebrew BibleTwo of the biggest interests for me are the Bible and disabilities. When those two things come together, II am happy. That’s why I enjoyed Disability in the Hebrew Bible.

Things can get complicated when it comes to the Bible and disabilities. People with disabilities and disability advocates will want to see disabilities in the best light but the Bible’s description is messy.

This is what I liked about Saul Olyan’s treatment of disabilities in the Hebrew Bible (what Christians call the Old Testament). Olyan is a Jewish scholar and he carefully goes through what the Hebrew Bible says about the Hebrew Bible. He presents the good, the bad and the ugly. He doesn’t try to gloss over passages just because they may come into conflict with modern sensibilities.

There are a number of passages that I hadn’t thought of in terms of disabilities that Olyan examined. I found it to be a fresh investigation that I appreciated very much.

Disability in the Hebrew Bible is an important resource for Jews or Christians interested in the intersection of Scripture and disabilities.


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