Cinema Strangiato and Why I Love Rush

The first music that I really got into was Rush. The album was Fly By Night and my cousin brought it over for New Year’s Eve. We listened to it over and over.


I have seen Rush in concert three times. I would love to see them again but unfortunately they are no longer together.

I did get the next best thing. There was a one night showing in theatres of Cinema Strangiato. This was footage from their R40 tour, among other things.

Watching that concert was a reminder of why I love Rush. It is so much more than “cool music.” In fact, Rush is rarely accused of being cool.

Here are some random things about Rush that I love.

  • They are extremely talented musicians. Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are near the top in skill for each of their instruments. You may not like Rush, but you can’t accuse them of lack talent.
  • Their lyrics are thoughtful. Neil Peart wrote the lyrics for all the albums except their debut album. He tackles a wide range of topics and over and over demonstrates why he is known as “The Professor.”
  • They seem like nice guys. Each of them seem to be the kind of people you wish you could be friends with. Not because they’re famous but because they seem genuine.
  • They seem to have a lot of fun with each other. Some bands have members that just tolerate each other. These guys seem to really respect and like each other. It shows in their performances.
  • Their legacy lasts. They have put out great music for forty years. They are not the kind of band that is popular for a few years and then fades away. Their music has changed over the years but they have kept up the quality and have proven themselves to be long lasting.

One of the things I noticed in Cinema Strangiato were fans holding banners saying “Thanks For Your Music.” There are not many bands that get that kind of recognition from their fans. People don’t just enjoy the music, they deeply appreciate the band.

Rush will continue to be my favourite rock band.

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