Chronic Pain and Invisible Disabilities

Chronic PainWhen people think about disabilities, probably they think of someone with Down Syndrome or a person in a wheelchair. But there are disabilities that are invisible.

There are number of these invisible disabilities and one of them is chronic pain. People can look and act fine but in reality are struggling with pain.

I am thinking of this because right now I have tendinopathy in my shoulder. Not only does it limit motion, it also affects mental health. I have only had this pain for a few months and it is already wearing on me.

My pain will go away once my tendon heals but some have no hope of relief. People with chronic pain may have to choose between medication that makes them feel dopey and having a clear mind but significant pain.

We should never assume that a person isn’t struggling, just because they look “normal.” Chronic pain is real and we need to be sensitive to the needs of people with this struggle.

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