Is God’s Love Reckless?

LoveI have heard some people critical of the song from Bethel Music titled Reckless Love. The problem they claim is that God’s love is not reckless.

The definition of ‘Reckless’ from is:

utterly unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution; careless

It is difficult to see how anything God does is “careless.” So does that mean that Reckless Love is a bad song and churches should avoid it?

Language is much more than just dictionary definition. Labelling God’s love as “reckless” is not meant to point people to the dictionary, it is meant to point people toward Jesus.

What God did in Jesus was not a restrained act of love. It was an extravagant, over the top kind of love. People of this generation would recognize it as reckless.

A person who showed reckless love to another person would put their whole heart into and not care what people think. That’s the kind of love that was demonstrated in Jesus.

Is God’s love reckless? Not according to the dictionary, but perhaps according to Jesus.

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