How Often Should You Blog?

BlogIt is a common question concerning the frequency of blogging. How often should you blog? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

It depends. That’s not to say that there are no objective principles.

The frequency of your blogging can be affected by:

  • Your topic. If you have a general topic that gives you plenty of material to blog about, you may be able to do it daily. If it is a narrow topic, you may have to blog less often.
  • Your schedule. If you are super busy, you may not have the time for daily blogging that includes the quality you want. Quality always trumps quantity. Figure out what works with the rest of your commitments.
  • Your goal. Are you blogging to earn money or is it just for fun? What are the consequences for lower traffic to your site?

Having said that, there is an objective answer to the question. And that is consistently. Don’t blog daily for one week, then wait six months before your next post.

If you are going to blog daily, blog daily, If you are going to blog weekly, blog weekly. Of course unexpected things come up, but try your best to be consistent.

If you want to know what I do, I try to blog every day except Sunday (I take a Sabbath from blogging and social media). But I can do this because I have multiple topics on my blog. I don’t think I could consistently blog daily on apologetics.

How often do you blog?

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