Autism and Faith

Someone recently asked me about people with Asperger’s Syndrome and the challenges of Christian faith. Asperger’s is now known simply as autism.

I have heard people claim that people with autism struggle with faith. It is true that people with autism have brains that are wired differently. They may encounter faith in different ways.

The problem with talking about this is that it is difficult to generalize people with autism. Some people with autism have below average intelligence and and some have higher than average intelligence. Some people with autism are highly emotional, some are less so.

There are a number of people with autism who find apologetics to be quite helpful. In fact I know of a number of apologists who are on the autism spectrum.

People with autism tend to see things in concrete terms. It is not true for everyone but it is common. That doesn’t mean that imagery can’t be used, just be sensitive to the personality of the person.

In many ways, people with autism are like every other person. They have different obstacles and opportunities to faith.

What people with or without autism need to know is that Christian faith is within reach of all people, whatever their brain makeup. Some will connect with reason, some with experience and some with community.


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2 thoughts on “Autism and Faith”

  1. Hi Stephen, I appreciate your take on this. Wonder if you’ve seen/heard Jason Hague’s poem for his son with autism: “”. Grace to you.

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