Why I’m Glad That I Changed My Day Off

Day OffSome pastors don’t believe in a day off. “The devil doesn’t take a day off and neither should we.” Except maybe the devil isn’t the best example to follow.

For many years I have taken Monday as my day off. The reason is that I am usually tired from all the activity of Sunday.

Some people take a Tuesday or other day midweek. That won’t work for me because I thrive on momentum and a day off midweek would break that.

The only other day that made sense would be Friday. I avoided Fridays because I feared that I would have work undone and I would just end up working on that day anyway.

It ended up that I needed to start working Mondays because we are starting to run Alpha at our church and that was the only night available. Because of this, I decided to take Fridays off. This has worked well.

My concerns about having work undone were unfounded. Of course there is always work to be done but I really only need to make sure my sermon is done. I had already started the discipline of writing my sermon earlier in the week (I’m writing this on Tuesday morning and my sermon is already written).

One advantage of Mondays off is that I actually get holidays off. Most holidays are on Mondays and usually I didn’t take a lieu day. The other advantage is that when our children have a day off school, it is usually Fridays and I can now spend time with them.

I have just started this schedule and it is going great. By the time Thursday finishes, it is hard to believe all of the work I have finished. I can actually relax on my Fridays.

If you are a pastor, what day do you take off?

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One thought on “Why I’m Glad That I Changed My Day Off”

  1. Hey Steve, I started taking Fridays off when I moved to Goderich. For me it was a good choice. I like having two days off in a row, Friday and Saturday. So my work week runs from Sunday to Thursday. I do take the holidays off. That shortens the week a bit, but planning can make up for that. Thanks for sharing your insights!

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