Can You Blog on More Than One Topic?

internetShould your blog focus on just one topic or is it okay to blog on numerous topics? A related question is: If you have more than one interest, should you have multiple blogs or should you write on all the topics on one blog?

The short answer is: It is your blog and you can do whatever you want.

I happen to blog on more than one topic here. Some topics closely related, others less so. But I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

If I was starting out brand new, I would definitely focus on one topic. I may experiment with some posts that are related but somewhat outside the main topic.

I originally kept my blog focused and began to start new blogs as my interests grew. However, I found that having multiple blogs was too much for me and so I imported them into this one site.

That means blogs like my Comic Book Geek and Second World War, which are less connected to my other topics, are now on the same site as my theological and pastoral blogs.

This is not ideal, but it may bring new readers that I wouldn’t normally get.

In many ways, I have multiple blogs on this one site. I name my categories after the blogs they are based on. That means, if people want to only read my personal posts, they can do that.

This works for me as I already have an established audience but it is far too complicated for people just starting out.

The best way is always just to keep it simple. Blog on what interests you most, but try to keep it connected if you can.

Or be like me, and blog on everything…

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