The Bible and Disability: A Commentary – Review

Bible and DisabilityI’m currently doing research into what the Bible says about disabilities. This led me naturally to The Bible and Disability: A Commentary edited by Sarah J. Melcher, Mikeal C. Parsons and Amos Yong.

The Bible is a book that speaks a lot about disabilities and so this is a volume that needed to be written. Each section is by a different scholar and so they are of different style and detail.

Some of the passages looked at deal explicitly at disabilities, while others look at principles that are helpful for having conversations about disabilities.

Some of the scholars are very clearly influenced by Disability Studies, which is a good thing. we need to hear these voices.

I found myself encountering passages that I had never connected with disabilities before. At the same time there were passages that were not dealt with or could have received more attention.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this commentary. Most commentaries are not written for enjoyment but this was food for my brain.

I don’t share the perspective of all the scholars, which is okay. My desire is to have a clearer understanding of what the Bible says about disabilities and this is a valuable resource for that quest.

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