Dark Phoenix – Review

Dark PhoenixI was excited a number of years ago when X-Men: First Class came out. I loved the new characters and fresh take on familiar characters. Plus it was in continuity (sort of) with the previous movies.

The final instalment of this incarnation is Dark Phoenix. This story was sort of told in the third movie, X-Men: Last Stand. From the comics, we know that Jean Grey becomes of one the most powerful mutants and becomes unstable. In Last Stand, Wolverine kills Jean Grey.

Dark Phoenix takes a different direction. While Jean is still very powerful, this time she becomes even more powerful after absorbing some alien energy in outer space. This leads to some conflict with some aliens who want that power.

With this being the last movie of the X-Men in the current series, there was room to kill a major character without wrecking any future problems.

I heard that this was going to be a bad movie, but it was not that bad. I will admit that there has been a steady decrease in the quality since First Class.

The relationship between Cyclops and Jean Grey seemed rather flat. In fact the entire Cyclops character seem two dimensional. Comparing to their relationship in the first three movies, this just didn’t feel real.

One of the problems of some of the other superhero movies (often DC) is the lack of interesting villains. That was the problem here. The aliens were pretty boring. Sure the fight scenes with them were fun, but they never felt like the real threat.

I did like how they handled the fate of Jean. I thought it was a satisfying conclusion to her story.

Overall it was an okay superhero flick. I have definitely watched worse. But it was not near the quality of First Class.

It does make saying goodbye to this incarnation of the X-Men. Now we wait for a new X-Men to be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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