What Non-Christians Hear When Evangelicals Disagree With Climate Change

Young EarthClimate change is something that is very much on people’s minds. Some of the biggest names are speaking out on a potential global crisis.

Meanwhile, many of my evangelical friends not only mock the idea, they mock the people who warn about the danger of climate change.

Some who oppose these warnings do so based on concerns about the science. They see evidence of climate changes throughout history and believe that we are seeing is just another one of those rhythms.

Others see warnings about climate change as being part of the dangerous rhetoric of the left. Evangelicals, who usually identify as the right, most oppose the left and so attempt to minimize the danger of climate change.

Have evangelicals ever thought about how non-Christians see opposition to concern about the environment?

Evangelicals may see it simply as a debate of whether changes are natural or caused by humans. But many non-Christians see this as a lack of care for creation.

Is it possible to doubt some of the science behind climate change (I’m not saying here the science is wrong) and yet still actively care for creation?

Instead of being satisfied that they are taking their stand against the left, why not actively seek to better care for creation? That seemed to be one of the first commands God gave to humanity.

Evangelicals may think it is simply about truth vs lies but non-Christians see it as apathy vs concern.

The truth is that pollution and wasteful consumption are having a negative effect on our planet. If you are going to oppose some of the most pessimistic warnings about climate change, at least include in your response some concern about the danger of pollution that we do see.


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