Proud of Ellen DeGeneres

Something happened on the weekend that is representative of the world we live in. Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres attended a football game. No big deal. But she was sitting beside President George W. Bush.

Should still be no big deal.

However, Bush and DeGeneres have very different views on certain issues. Some people criticized DeGeneres for seeming to have a fun time with President Bush because of his conservative views.

I really appreciate what DeGeneres says about the experience (you can read about it here). She believes in being kind to one another. Just people with same political (or sports) views as you. Everyone.

We live in a culture of outrage and offence. Everyone is upset at someone. But why not see each other as human beings with value?

There is a better way than what people are living. Whether or not Ellen DeGeneres recognizes it as such, this is the Jesus way.

Whatever her beliefs, good for Ellen DeGeneres for doing this and defending her friendship with President Bush. We need more of this.


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