Good News: Feeling the Love

My Good News actually comes out of some recent bad news. I have a disease called sarcoidosis. A few weeks ago I took a planned break from my medication. Unfortunately, this meant that my symptoms came back with a vengeance.

That would be really bad news but I have an incredible supportive wife. On Sunday morning, she insisted on preaching for me. She also led most of the service, all decided at the last moment. And she did an amazing job!

She has also been doing all sorts of things to make sure that I have what I need to recover well. He support gets me through.

I’m also finding my church to be very supportive. They are not cracking the whip but are giving me the space to recover.

I’m back on my medication and am going to take some extra meds to knock the sarcoidosis back out. Meanwhile, I’m feeling the love of people in my life.

Here is Amanda’s message on Sunday:

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