Good News: A Remembrance Day to Remember

Remembrance Day is always a highlight for me. I’m so thankful for those who have served in the past and those who currently serve in the military.

I attend Remembrance Day services in uniform in my role as a chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces. It is an honour to share this uniform with so many other men and women.

This Remembrance Day was a bit different. Our children Justus and Emma have joined army cadets. They both volunteered to be part of the all-night vigil at the cenotaph.

Remembrance DayEmma did two shifts of guarding the cenotaph even though she is so new that she doesn’t have a uniform. Justus did five shifts throughout the night and escorted people to lay wreathes at the cenotaph.

As I watched both of them, I was filled with pride. It was amazing to watch them participate in such an important event. It made for a Remembrance Day to remember.

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