The New Guide to Crisis and Trauma Counseling – Review

Crisis and Trauma CounselingI regularly encounter people experiencing emotional difficulties and who are victims of trauma both in role as a pastor and a chaplain. I’m always looking for good resources.

I recently came across The New Guide to Crisis and Trauma Counseling by H. Norman Wright. This book provides a nice overview of different types of trauma experienced during different stages of life.

I appreciated the comprehensiveness of the types of events that are treated. Wright looks at everything from suicide to the death of a pet. I also like how he lays out the material in point forms and lists that make everything either easy to grasp at a glance.

If there is a problem it is that it can give the impression that someone who reads this is prepared to counsel people experiencing trauma. The subtitle is “A Practical Guide for Ministers, Counselors and Lay Counselors.” The problem is that those are very different categories.

I am an ordained pastor but I am not a trained counselor. Reading this book is not going to change that. I would hate for someone to think that they could just step in and provide therapy.

If you take this book as a resource to inform yourself, to become a better listener and to know what to look for, this is book is helpful. It will give the reader an idea of the issues out there and perhaps the direction to point people.

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