A Frustrating Atheist Objection

I heard it again. That some objection by atheists that always drives me crazy. Have they even thought through this?

The objection goes like this:

  • Christians disagree about creation.
  • Christians disagree about non-violence.
  • Christians disagree about issues concerning LGBTQ+.
  • Christians disagree about the environment.
  • Christians disagree about many things.

Therefore Christianity is irrational. It is assumed that if Christianity was a rational worldview, we would all agree on everything because things would be clear.

The problem with this objection is that is not how we treat any other concept.

Let’s take a look at cosmology as an example.

  • Scientists disagree on if there was a beginning of the universe.
  • Scientists disagree on what caused the universe.
  • Scientists disagree on whether there is one universe or a multiverse.

But we do not conclude from that, that cosmology is irrational. Instead we understand that intelligent people are looking at the same evidence and coming to different conclusions.

The same is true for Christianity. We have the Bible, our reason and other tools and we try to interpret the evidence the best we can. This leads to some disagreements on what some people believe.

But this doesn’t make Christianity irrational.

Disagree with the truth of Christianity if you want, but don’t base your objection on disagreements among Christians.

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