Good News: The Dog is Feeling Better

DogWe have had an emotional few months with our dog Halo. Halo is our 11 year old black lab. People are surprised when they find out his age because he looks like he is only a couple of years old.

Unfortunately he has developed arthritis in his front and back legs. He was limping pretty bad for a while. It was hard to watch.

It is also a reminder that Halo is getting to about his life expectancy. We are realizing he will not always be with us.

Halo is a special dog. Everyone says that but this is true. Halo was our service dog for our son Logan. Thankfully we were able to keep Halo after he retired when Logan went into a group home. Halo literally saved Logan’s life a couple of times.

I’m thankful that the medication that Halo is on seems to be working. He is not limping at much. We can’t go on our long walks anymore but he doesn’t seem to be in discomfort.

Halo is getting older but we will enjoy him while we have him.

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