Good News: Intimate Worship

Yesterday we had some bad weather in our area, including freezing rain. Many of the churches around us closed because of the weather. But our church didn’t.

That is not criticism as I have cancelled worship services many times and if it had been just a bit worse, we would have. Maybe we even should have. But I’m glad we didn’t.

I wasn’t sure who was going to be there. I was prepared to worship with just a handful of people. It ended up that we had more people than I expected, with almost half our normal attendance showing up. This included a first time guest and some returning guests.

Some pastors are discouraged with small numbers. I sometimes am. But there was something but our small group that made worship extra special. We did communion in a different way than we normally do. There was a special spirit to how things went.

This is not a promise that we won’t cancel again in bad weather. We probably will. But it ended up that it worked well and it was a meaningful time. This is Good News.

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