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Is Disney Grooming Children to be Victims of Pedophiles?

What Role Does Apologetics Have in Evangelism?

The Challenge For Megachurches

Good News: Enjoying Brookfield

Star Trek Discovery: Season Four – Review

Evangelicals, Trans Athletes and Respect

Salt and Light

Infantry vs Tank – Training Film

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Review

Good News: My Wife Gets Me

Andy Stanley, Jesus, and the Bible

Good News: Amanda’s First Sermon at Brookfield

Back to Visitation

Good News: Our First Month at Brookfield Baptist

The Matrix Resurrections – Review

Disability Ministry and Theology of Worship

Good News: Iris

Anatomy of a Church: Community

SWWP 25 – A Pope in Wartime: Pius XII

A Third Option: Small Churches

Anatomy of a Church: Worship

Book of Boba Fett – Review

Good News: Proud of Pastor Amanda

Anatomy of a Church: Generosity

The Tomorrow War – Review

Should Pastors Care About Disability Ministry?

Christians and Rock Music

Is Inerrancy Essential to the Gospel?

Good News: Arrived in Nova Scotia!

A Welcoming Community

Thoughts on Getting a Doctor of Ministry Degree

The Eternals – Review

Growing Spiritually

Titans: Season Three – Review

Good News: All Packed Up

Worshiping God in Jesus Christ

Reflections on Leaving a Church

Can You Celebrate Communion Like That?

Sharing God’s Saving Love

Stargirl: Season Two – Review

Top Ten Most Popular Blog Posts in 2021

Top Five Books I Read in 2021

Good News: Making the Best of Christmas

Wearing Our Sunday Best

The Liberator – Review

Good News: An Unexpected Sunday Off

Dune: Part One – Review

SWWP 23 – The Able Queen: A Conversation With Rainy Horvath

Good News: Things Are Moving Ahead

Surprised by Joy

Going Down the Path of Co-Pastoring

A Big Change For the Bedards

Godspeed: The Pace of Being Known

The Origins of Christian Apologetics

Good News: Feeling the Support

Emerging Hope

Is the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Failure Porn?

4 Things That Should Happen in a Bible Study

The Great Divorce

SWWP 22 – Italy Gets in the Game

What Does Worship Style Have to Do With a Successful Church?

Good News: Some Vacation Time

Apologists Should Not Try to Prove That Christianity is True

Stargirl: Season One – Review

Becoming Complete

Responding to Biblical Illiteracy in the Local Church

Monetizing Your Podcast

Watchtower and the Word

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