Apologetics Resources

Apologetics Resources

Christian Apologetics

Apologetics Blogs

You can find a list of apologetics blogs here.

Apologetics Courses – Free

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Creation and Evolution

You can find resources on creation and evolution here.

Jesus Myth Theory

You can find resources on the Jesus Myth Theory here.


3 thoughts on “Apologetics Resources”

  1. Hi Stephen. I’ve got some good book ideas from here. I’m also thinking of trying to purchase John Lennox – God’s undertaker: Has Science Buried God? You’ve probably seen Lennox on Youtube debating Dawkins and others. Have you read the book?

    Blessings, Pastor Andrew

  2. Mr. Robert Cunningham / So many married pepole chase the fame of ministry at the expense of their marriage. Good job adding the fact that you can chase God all you want but if you ignore your spouse in the process, ain’t much to ya. God ain’t impressed by how me impress others, especially when it’s the root of our neglect against our spouse. Keep these heartchecks coming!

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