Apologetics Resources

Apologetics Resources

If you have ever asked the question, “Where do I find good apologetics resources?” then this page is meant for you. While there are good resources found on my blog and in my books, I am not an expert in everything. Below is a list of books and blogs that I have found helpful. I will be adding to it regularly. My hope is that this will give you some focus as you seek to navigate through the thousands of resources that are available.



Books Blogs Journals Schools
Reasonable Faith: Christian Truth and Apologetics Apologetics 315 Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics Houston Baptist University
Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions Poached Egg Christian Apologetics Journal Biola University
Fabricating Jesus: How Modern Scholars Distort the Gospels Stand to Reason Philosophia Christi Denver Seminary
Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts (2 Volume Set) Christian Apologetics Alliance Christian Research Journal Southern Evangelical Seminary
Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels Cold-Case Christianity Journal of the International Society of Christian Apologists Trinity Western University
Evil and the Justice of God Faith Beyond Belief Areopagus Journal Columbia Evangelical Seminary
How to Talk to a Skeptic Apologetics Canada Journal of Trinitarian Studies and Apologetics Luther Rice Seminary
Why Jesus?: Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality Pastor Matt’s Blog Reason and Revelation Liberty University
How to Read the Bible for All it’s Worth Come Reason Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Mere Apologetics Deeper Waters Faith and Philosophy Ligonier Academy
Relativism Ratio Christi Pulse Magazine Birmingham Theological Seminary
Resurrection of Jesus Clear Thinking Christianity Trinity Journal Institute of Biblical Defence
Can We Still Believe the Bible? Apologetics Notes Ant1thesis: A Reformed Apologetics Journal  Trinity Theological Seminary
 God’s Crime Scene Christ the Tao  Premier Christianity Whitfield Theological Seminary
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3 thoughts on “Apologetics Resources

  1. Hi Stephen. I’ve got some good book ideas from here. I’m also thinking of trying to purchase John Lennox – God’s undertaker: Has Science Buried God? You’ve probably seen Lennox on Youtube debating Dawkins and others. Have you read the book?

    Blessings, Pastor Andrew

  2. Mr. Robert Cunningham / So many married pepole chase the fame of ministry at the expense of their marriage. Good job adding the fact that you can chase God all you want but if you ignore your spouse in the process, ain’t much to ya. God ain’t impressed by how me impress others, especially when it’s the root of our neglect against our spouse. Keep these heartchecks coming!

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