Apologetics Speakers

Apologetics Speakers

MicrophoneThere are some gifted Christian speakers in the area of apologetics all over the world. I would like to help people find these speakers and get connected with good teaching. If you are a Christian apologist and would like to be included, message me through my contact page.

Please note that inclusion on this page does not mean endorsement by myself or any organization I’m affiliated with.



Name: Ian McKerracher (Faith Beyond Belief)

Location: Edmonton, Alberta. Travel: Northern Alberta

-Certificate of Apologetics (Biola University)
-FBB Worldview Course
-Hard Questions group Kids on Track Youth
-Soon to be entering Edmonton Young Offenders Centre to offer FBB Worldview Course

Sample Talks:

  • It is my intention to direct much of my delivery towards young people. As such it would be predominantly in response to their questions. The use of the FBB Worldview course could also provide a platform to get at those questions.

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Name: Leif Egil Reve (Damaris Norge, Laget IFES)

Location: Kristiansand, Norway. Travel: Any

I myself became a Christian in late 2013, through apologetics. I engage in speaking with both Damaris and IFES, and am open to all kinds of engagements related to apologetics, though my passion is foremost with engaging crowds with atheists, but training and engaging with the church is very important too.

My formal education consists of a Bachelor degree in “Communication and World View” with NLA Mediehøgskolen Gimlekollen.

I’m primarily a popularizer of apologetics, though I keep up with as much as possible going on in the relevant academic fields.

An interview in English for my background can be found here.

Sample Talks:

  • From Atheist, via Deism, to Christian apologist
  • What I would’ve liked Christians to tell me, when I was an atheist
  • How to get better conversations with atheists
  • A universe from nothing – does it make sense?
  • Is Christianity more correct than other world views?
  • Grill a Christian
  • Is the historical evidence of Jesus convincing enough to become a Christian?
  • Islam and Christianity – Aren’t they just the same?
  • Islam and Christianity – Why prefer one over another?
  • Faith and science – Are they compatible?
  • Introduction to persuasive evangelism
  • Using media and popular culture to evangelize
  • Etc.

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United States


Name: Clinton Wilcox (Life Training Institute)

Location: Sanger, California. Travel: I travel all over the United States to speak and have even traveled to England for some outreach.

A pro-life ministry that specializes in training pro-life people how to make the case for life effectively and persuasively.

Sample Talks:

  • Pro-Life 101
  • How to have effective discussions with people who disagree with you
  • An examination of arguments for abortion
  • The difference between objective and subjective morality
  • A history of personhood
  • Why pro-life people need to be amateur philosophers

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Name: Nick Peters (Deeper Waters)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia. Travel: Anywhere if my expenses are covered.

My ministry is built on building up disciples, equipping us on areas of apologetics, especially those about the resurrection of Jesus, celebrating the goodness of marriage, and raising awareness for disabilities, especially autism and Asperger Syndrome.

Sample Talks:

  • Did Jesus exist?
  • The reliability of the New Testament
  • The resurrection
  • Honor and shame in the Biblical world
  • Sex and marriage
  • Living with disability

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Name: Kurt Jaros (Defenders Media)

Location: Chicago, Illinois. Travel: International.

  • Veracity Hill is a weekly podcast striving for truth on faith, politics, and society.
    Defenders Media provides media solutions to apologetic-based ministries.

Sample Talks:

  • How we Got the Bible
  • The Problems of Evil
  • Introduction to Apologetics
  • The Doctrine of God

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Name: Steven Kozak

Location: Chicago, Illinois. Travel: Any.

  • Masters in Apologetics from Biola
  • Taught apologetics to high school students for 10+ years in Christian high schools
  • Wrote youth apologetics curriculum for Biola
  • Wrote 32-week curriculum with Sean McDowell for Awana Youth Min
  • Regular blogs on awanaym.org

Sample Talks:

  • Generation Z
  • How to share your faith
  • Truth
  • Apologetics in youth ministry
  • Evidence for the resurrection
  • Student cultural issues

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Name: Roger Browning (A Clear Lens / Storyboard Apologetics)

Location: Akron, Ohio. Travel: Any.

Motivational Apologetics: Why be interested if you’re not willing to be involved?

Sample Talks:

  • Encouraging laymen/women to share their story
  • Introductory Apologetics
  • Why Apologetics is important to the church