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Unmasking the Pagan ChristUNMASKING THE PAGAN CHRIST

This book is a response to Tom Harpur’s Pagan Christ, but it is something more.  In this book, Stanley Porter and I really examine the Jesus myth theory in general, using Tom Harpur’s book as a case study.  If you have never heard of Tom Harpur, but have been confronted by the claims of Timothy Freke, Peter Gandy, D.M. Murdock (Acharya S), Robert Price or those of the Zeitgeist movie, this book will be of interest to you. In our book, we look at some of the older works that modern writers base their books on.  We then look at the claims that the Jesus story is based on pagan myths, especially those of Egypt and Mithraism.  When one actually examines the myths, it is quickly apparent that the Gospels have very little to do with pagan myths.  We then look at the historical basis of the story of Jesus.  We confront claims that Josephus’ testimony is a forgery, that Paul never spoke of the historical Jesus and that the Gospels are not historical.  We conclude that there is a firm historical basis for the existence of Jesus Christ. Unmasking the Pagan Christ: An Evangelical Response to the Cosmic Christ Idea won the 2007 Word Guild Award of Merit in the area of Evangelism and Apologetics. A documentary was made of this book, produced by David Brady Productions.

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In the Old Testament, hope is focused almost entirely on the secure possession of the Promised Land, with little mention of a personal resurrection. In the New Testament, hope is focused very much on a personal resurrection, with little interest in the Promised Land. Are the Old and New Testaments from two different thought worlds, or are they part of a theological continuum that was taking place within Judaism? This book argues that the doctrine of the resurrection was a natural development within the growing uncertainty regarding the Promised Land. If you are interested in the development in the Bible of the doctrines of the Promised Land and/or the resurrection, this book will be of interest to you.

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This book is a small group or individual study guide that seeks to help Christians understand how wrestling with the hard questions is compatible with experiencing God. The book takes the reader through issues such as the existence of God, the nature of truth, the nature of the Bible, the problem of suffering, the problem of other religions and many others. Each chapter ends with discussion questions.

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Why another book on the Bible? Many people, inside and outside the church, agree that the Bible is important and valuable. But how do you go about reading it? Many start at the beginning. Genesis is interesting and the first part of Exodus is good. But then the reader gets into lists of laws and architectural descriptions and genealogies. Many well-meaning Bible readers have died in the wastelands of Leviticus and Numbers. While sympathetic to these struggles, I know that the Bible is valuable, even in the books that seem the most difficult. This book takes the reader through the entire Bible. Instead of pressuring the reader to read every verse, select passages are assigned to give the reader a taste of the Bible and hopefully an interest in learning about the rest of the Bible.

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Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a Jehovah’s Witness? You have all the right intentions but the conversation quickly goes down a dozen rabbit trails. How can you have a productive conversation? The Watchtower and the Word is an attempt to provide the resources you need. Although it is a response to What Does the Bible Really Teach? it really is a guide to having a good conversation with Jehovah’s Witnesses without getting sidetrack on the nonessential issues. The book is purposely short so that it is accessible to laypeople. And yet it is based on careful research. The Watchtower and the Word is written in a respectful way and it is one of my hopes that you will be able to get a Jehovah’s Witness to read it in exchange for you reading their material.

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Are conservative Christians really monsters? There are specific beliefs among Evangelicals that have made them quite unpopular in recent years. Are beliefs such as pro-choice and traditional family enough to incite anger?

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How to Make Your Church Autism FriendlyHOW TO MAKE YOUR CHURCH AUTISM-FRIENDLY

Recent statistics suggest that one in 68 children have autism. Do you have families with autism attending your church? If not, is it because there are none in your community or because they do not see the church as autism-friendly? In this book, I share our story of having two children with autism. I also provide some practical tips for churches to be able to welcome families with autism.

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The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most important events for the Christian Church. Lent is a time to prepare us for a deeper reflection of that experience. This devotional provides forty devotional thoughts based on the Old and New Testaments with reflection questions.

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Unmasking the Jesus MythUNMASKING THE JESUS MYTH

Did Jesus really exist? Did the Gospels really borrow the story of Jesus from earlier pagan myths? The Jesus Myth Theory has grown in popularity in recent years despite a scholarly consensus that Jesus did exist and that there are very few parallels with pagan myths.

This book puts forward the evidence for Jesus and exposes the false claims of the Jesus Myth Theory.

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What is it like to have autism? What is it like to be a pastor? What is it like to be a pastor with autism? In this very personal book, I share what pastoral ministry looks like for someone with high functioning autism (formally known as Asperger’s).

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