Canadian Apologetics

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“God keep our land…”

As a Canadian apologist, I am excited about what God is doing in this country. In some cases it is Canadians involved in apologetics in the United States (Hugh Ross, Darrell Bock) and in other cases it is about people from other countries coming to Canada (Andy Bannister, Andy Steiger).

On this page, I will provide links to sites that will be of interest to Canadian apologists. If you know of other Canadian interest sites that should be added, please let me know,

Niagara FallsMinistries

Apologetics Canada

Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform

Ezra Institute

Faith Beyond Belief

Network of Christian Apologists in Canada

RZIM Canada

Tony Costa Christian Apologetics


Andy Bannister

David Haines

Greg Monette

Hope Beyond Reason

Hopes Reason

John Stackhouse

Knowing Biblical Truth

Randal Rauser

Tilled Soil

Canadian Apologetics Programs

ACTS Seminaries

Canadian Baptist Seminary

Pacific Life Bible College


Faith Today

Christian Week


The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist by Andy Bannister

Fabricating Jesus by Craig Evans

Thinking? by Andy Steiger


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