Hope’s Reason Ministries

Hope's ReasonHope’s Reason Ministries is the speaking, teaching and writing ministry of Stephen and Amanda Bedard.  It is our desire to equip Christians with a ministry of hope.  We do this in a number of ways:


Inspired by 1 Peter 3:15 and the command to be always prepared with the reason for the hope within us, Stephen is active in the area of apologetics.  It is vital that Christians be confident in their faith and be ready with an answer to skeptics.  Stephen is available to speak at conferences, retreats, workshops, seminars and schools.  Suggested topics include: the existence of God, the problem of suffering, the historical Jesus, sects/cults, world religions and many more.

Special Needs Families

Stephen BedardStephen and Amanda are parents to two autistic children.  We have experienced the joys and struggles of parenting special needs children firsthand.  Our desire is to see the church embrace families with special needs children and minister to them effectively and compassionately.  We are available to speak to churches, pastors and Sunday schools on how to care for, not just the children, but the entire special needs family.

Grace, Forgiveness and Worth

Amanda knows first hand how deep the hole of depression can become.  She is available to tell her story and offer you her tale of finding grace, forgiveness and worth in the hands of a loving God who saw her through it all.  She wants to show you that there is light at the end of the tunnel of despair when you give up and let God guide you through your darkest days and begin to live again.


Stephen Bedard“We valued the creative and gracious input of Steve Bedard at our Thanksgiving Family Retreat at Camp IAWAH. Steve spoke with a rare blend of conviction and gentleness which connected well with a diverse and inter-generational crowd.” – Jeff Friesen, Director of Camp IAWAH

“Stephen brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to his areas of expertise, and we were blessed by his contribution to a recent conference.” – Keith Dow, Manager of Pastoral Ministries at Christian Horizons

“Stephen is an exceptional teacher. He creates excellent courses, provides great content and works well with students to learn the material. He infuses a pastoral heart to his content and relationship with students. I highly recommend Stephen as a teacher and lecturer for courses.” – Daniel Wong, Director of Modular Program Tyndale University College


Contact Stephen at steve@stephenjbedard.com.

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